Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World


Monday, 28 March 2011

Walt Disney World Email...

Hey everyone, 

So I have been really rubbish with my blog but I am going to catch up with it now...gives me a break from work and helps when I can't sleep and I think its a bit of a poor effort that I have neglected my blog for this long...so here goes lots of blog updates all at once and then I will do it as and when stuff happens.

So on the 6th January I emailed Disney and Yummy Jobs with all my information about my flights to and from orlando.  They both need to know this so that 

a) they know you have booked a flight and will turn up
b) they can let others know what are on the same flight as you
c) Disney need to know for check in times and then if you are delayed (and   there are a bunch of you delayed they know why).

I got a lovely email back saying that everyone should email it in the format that I have.

Thats it for now.

Have a magical day!!

Love Ashleigh xxx

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