Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World


Monday, 28 March 2011

New Year

Happy 2011 Everyone,

I can officially say...WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY THIS YEAR!

Well I hope that we all had a magical new year and have had a brilliant night!  Well so Bethan Johns (her blog is on the side) has organised a Disney Meet in Birmingham on February 19th and I booked my train tickets as soon as the event was organised so I am really looking forward to that to meet other people...i mean we have spoken on the facebook group for months and I only know people by that so it will be good to put names and voices to faces!

So what did I get for christmas do you ask???

Well I got lots of dollars for disney (which is always good) and then lots of disney things as well!  Also I bought myself a suitcase for carry on luggage to put my laptop in it (highly recommend taking a laptop...skype and that to keep in touch and from what Suzie and Becca say its the best thing to take when you want to contact home and things)

So its 6 months until I go...it seems a long time away and I haven't had any more yummy job emails.

Have a magical Day.

Love Ashleigh xxx 

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