Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World


Monday, 28 March 2011

Cool Cats Clothes

Hey all!

So a lot of people are wanting to get matching hoodies for the plane
journey's and the disney meets - so far there is 1 in February and 1 in
March - as we all want to remember our time in disney and have these
cool matching hoodies.

So we have ordered them off ebay by a company called Ultimate 
Expressions (i believe as of a few days ago that they are no longer 
trading on ebay but you can go on their website and order them off 
their via pay-pal)  So my hoody is amazing though my mum has made 
me order a 2nd one as she knows I will wear it out because she knows
I will love to show off that I am a Cast Member there.

Have a Magical Day!!!

Love Ashleigh xx

Not just any old look...

Hey everyone,

So its 24th January and I am still off for Christmas holidays as I don't 
start back until 1st February.  I was at home and my mum was saying 
how I will need to book my eye appointments in the easter holidays in 
order to get them back before I go back to uni and to have them sorted 
before I go to Disney.  So the problem I have is that I have to wear 
reactor light lenses so I thought that I should email Hannah to ask 
what to do, because I will be taking contacts with me but I don't want
to get new glasses and then not be able to wear them.

Hannah sent me a lovely email back saying that it should be fine and 
that if I just follow the guidelines for spectacles it will be fine.

No other news to report....

Have a magical Day!!!!

Love Ashleigh xxx

Walt Disney World Email...

Hey everyone, 

So I have been really rubbish with my blog but I am going to catch up with it now...gives me a break from work and helps when I can't sleep and I think its a bit of a poor effort that I have neglected my blog for this long...so here goes lots of blog updates all at once and then I will do it as and when stuff happens.

So on the 6th January I emailed Disney and Yummy Jobs with all my information about my flights to and from orlando.  They both need to know this so that 

a) they know you have booked a flight and will turn up
b) they can let others know what are on the same flight as you
c) Disney need to know for check in times and then if you are delayed (and   there are a bunch of you delayed they know why).

I got a lovely email back saying that everyone should email it in the format that I have.

Thats it for now.

Have a magical day!!

Love Ashleigh xxx

New Year

Happy 2011 Everyone,

I can officially say...WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY THIS YEAR!

Well I hope that we all had a magical new year and have had a brilliant night!  Well so Bethan Johns (her blog is on the side) has organised a Disney Meet in Birmingham on February 19th and I booked my train tickets as soon as the event was organised so I am really looking forward to that to meet other people...i mean we have spoken on the facebook group for months and I only know people by that so it will be good to put names and voices to faces!

So what did I get for christmas do you ask???

Well I got lots of dollars for disney (which is always good) and then lots of disney things as well!  Also I bought myself a suitcase for carry on luggage to put my laptop in it (highly recommend taking a laptop...skype and that to keep in touch and from what Suzie and Becca say its the best thing to take when you want to contact home and things)

So its 6 months until I go...it seems a long time away and I haven't had any more yummy job emails.

Have a magical Day.

Love Ashleigh xxx 

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Flights Booked

Hey there everyone!

I am so sorry for being rubbish and not blogging but I'm here to keep you up to date.

So I had an exam at uni and then I had issues with the snow up at university but luckily I made it back before Christmas.  So I thought that I should now book my flights for going to Disney in June and then coming back in September.

So after trawling many websites and receiving many quotes for flight prices.  I am now booked on the 19th June at 11.35am Virgin Atlantic Flight, coming back on 12th September. This is because my family are coming out end of august/start of september for a holiday due to the amazing discount that we get as staff and why not I'm there for a while and they should come and visit me.

Well I have heard a few people are on my flight, Vikki, Steve and Heather so far...its going to be one crazy flight and I hope more people get on the flight! 

Ps. Have a magical day!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

More emails from Yummy Jobs

So here I am checking facebook and everyone got emails on Monday (13th December) and I thought hmmm haven't checked them in a while so off I go to look... I received an email from Kristen Thornton (Yummy Jobs) 
saying that I needed to have a Disney Job Offer phone call. 

So then I had to pick when I wanted my job offer to be.  
I chose Wednesday 15th December at 7.30pm - that way I could find out 
off others what it actually entailed as many people were confused about 
what you did or didn't need to do for it.

So now all I have to do is wait until Wednesday to speak to
some more lovely excitable disney people and get even more 
excited about the trip.

Have a magical Day!

Love Ashleigh xx

Sunday, 12 December 2010

CRB Form

Hi there everyone!

Well my forms from Yummy Jobs arrived on Thursday 9th December which was a relieve as I as starting to get worried that they wouldn't arrive as everyone else was getting theirs and I hadn't got mine yet.  On the Friday (10th) I then filled out my forms, paid £55 for the CRB Check and then went to the post office to post it.  Due to wanting Special Delivery I paid £5.05 to make sure it was there on Monday instead of £8 for it to be there on Saturday.

So its all paid for and sent and now the wait begins...

Have a Magical Day

Love Ashleigh xx