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Walt Disney World


Monday, 28 March 2011

Not just any old look...

Hey everyone,

So its 24th January and I am still off for Christmas holidays as I don't 
start back until 1st February.  I was at home and my mum was saying 
how I will need to book my eye appointments in the easter holidays in 
order to get them back before I go back to uni and to have them sorted 
before I go to Disney.  So the problem I have is that I have to wear 
reactor light lenses so I thought that I should email Hannah to ask 
what to do, because I will be taking contacts with me but I don't want
to get new glasses and then not be able to wear them.

Hannah sent me a lovely email back saying that it should be fine and 
that if I just follow the guidelines for spectacles it will be fine.

No other news to report....

Have a magical Day!!!!

Love Ashleigh xxx

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