Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Flights Booked

Hey there everyone!

I am so sorry for being rubbish and not blogging but I'm here to keep you up to date.

So I had an exam at uni and then I had issues with the snow up at university but luckily I made it back before Christmas.  So I thought that I should now book my flights for going to Disney in June and then coming back in September.

So after trawling many websites and receiving many quotes for flight prices.  I am now booked on the 19th June at 11.35am Virgin Atlantic Flight, coming back on 12th September. This is because my family are coming out end of august/start of september for a holiday due to the amazing discount that we get as staff and why not I'm there for a while and they should come and visit me.

Well I have heard a few people are on my flight, Vikki, Steve and Heather so far...its going to be one crazy flight and I hope more people get on the flight! 

Ps. Have a magical day!

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