Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World


Sunday, 5 December 2010

I am now a Cast Member 2011

Wow so we had to wait until Wednesday 1st December...it was a long and stressful wait refreshing my emails every minute!!! I thought that they would never come!!  So I have been on the forum like crazy and just by chance I was looking at Facebook when another applicant announced that they had a job...

...so I checked my emails, i was soo scared and when I read the title of it I was thinking oh okay so I didnt get the job, never mind there is always next year kinda thing and then it said...:

So now I have a job in Disney from June 19th - September 2nd and my role is Quick Service Food & Beverage!!!!

I was in soo much shock it was unreal I rang my mum and then I got people to check my email just to make sure.  I can't wait to fly over there and have an experience of a life time!

I will be meeting soo many like minded people and we are going to have sooo much fun!

Have a Magical Day!

Love Ashleigh

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