Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World


Sunday, 5 December 2010

How I applied

Hi there everyone,

This is my Walt Disney World Adventure where I will be updating my progress in how the programme is going for me.

Why did I Apply?

I applied to the Walt Disney World International College Programme (ICP) as I am totally in love with Walt Disney World as I have been 11 times and ever since I have seen people with England or UK written on their work badges it is all I have ever wanted to do.  I want to bring the magic into somebody else holiday like it has been done for me.  I also think it would be amazing to work in Walt Disney World as well for the experience and to put on your CV.


Okay so when I last went over to Walt Disney World (WDW) in February 2010, the girl behind me on my flight was flying over to start a year programme on the Cultural Representative Programme (CRP) and I asked her lots of questions about how she got onto the programme and I was basically in awe of her as I have always wanted to work in WDW since forever! So it got me thinking that I could do this when I go to university.  When I came back to the UK I googled it and found out about this 3 months work experience that you could do during the summer.  My heart was set on this from then on.

So I was casually at Uni one day and saw posters around everywhere about this disney programme, however unfortunately I wasn't able to go to the presentation as I had to go home for a family event as it was during my reading week.  So I emailed Yummy Jobs and explained my situatation and Hannah said just apply.  So I did. 8 drafts later on my CV and covering letter I applied on 23rd October.  Now it was just a waiting game...

Today I got an email back from Yummy Jobs saying that I have a phone interview.  AMAZING!!! I was so excited I rang everyone up and told them that I had a phone interview. I booked it for the 10th November at 12.45.  But now I had a lot of research to do.  I found this website called, http://www.wdwip.com/index.php which all the applicants and accepted cast members for all the programmes can talk to one another about their experiences and help each other with like phone interviews or normal interviews...a very valuable site if you ask me!  So then I was basically on that website all the time asking questions, this helped with my research.  I then researched lots of disney facts and trivia incase they asked me any surprise questions or to give them an interesting fact.

Phone Interview
So today I had my phone interview.  They were running late and I was panicking that they had forgotton me but Jason (my interviewer) was lovely and chatty.  I then realised that I had entered in for the wrong programme but it wasn't any trouble for him to change it at all...relieve!! So they asked me:
  • What Uni I'm at
  • What course I'm doing
  • Why do I want to work for Disney
  • What would I gain from the programme
  • Could I share/live with other people from all over the world
  • Would I cope with the heat in america
It was a lovely chat and lasted about 15 minutes.  I was told there and then that I had a Face to Face/Final Interview on either the 18th or 19th November. He also told me that I was the LAST UK Applicant to get a phone interview and to get on the programme.  It would be amazing if i actually got on there after all of this.

I then received an email saying when my interview was and what I had to bring for it:

19th November
Final Interview
So I am onto the final stages of the interview process now...scary! For my interview I have to go to London for it.  My mum is gonna come and travel up with me so we can spend the free time together in between my interview.
I was panicking the trains would be late and that I would miss my interview all together, thankfully it wasnt.

I arrived at the restauarant where my interview was taking place at 9.15am.  We had a presentation at 10am by Jill and Robyn which lasted 1 hour and telling us about what the programme entailed and what roles we could end up doing.  We were also given a role sheet in which we had to tick and rate the roles we would want to do and if we got chosen for this experience it would be one of the roles that we had ticked.  I ticked nearly all of them an rated them.

My interview time was at 13.30 and so I was planning on gettin there for at least 13.15 as Nick from Yummy Jobs had to check all of our paper work to make sure that it was correct. I interviewed with Jill and with another applicant called Abi. It went by so quickly it was like a blur.  These were the questions that were asked to me:
  • Did you have to travel far today?
  • Did you travel up this morning or yesterday?
  • What are you doing at university/school?
  • Do you have any piercings?
  • Do you have any tattoos?
  • Why do you want to work for WDW?
  • Have you had any work experience?
  • What will you gain from working at WDW?
  • Will you mind sharing with a single sex from all over the world?
  • On your role sheet, you said you wanted to do this...why was that?
  • Are you flexible to work in any role given to you?
  • Can you work on your own if needed to?
  • Can you handle complaints efficiently and professionally?
  • Are you a good time keeper? - i.e. arrive to work on time.
  • Have you any questions regarding the programme?

And so now the wait begins, we should hear back by the end of November so its only 11 days, not too long compared to others who had their interviews a lot earlier than me!

see ya real soon
Have a Magical Day! xx

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