Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Documents are added!

Hi there, 

Well since yesterday documents and CRB forms have started to be sent out and added to our Yummy Jobs Accounts.  This makes it even more real now!  So we have had 4 documents added about getting to Orlando, arriving in Orlando, the visa etc.. This is just to kinda give us some background info about the process and stuff.  Though some of the documents are for if you are from Canada which is wrong for us obviously.

So people have also been getting their CRB forms through, mine haven't arrived but I'm not going to panic yet - with the snow and stuff things are bound to be delayed.  Though because of Yummy Jobs updating our profiles I can pay for it whenever I want, hopefully the forms arrive this week while I am making a flying visit to home and then I can deal with all of that at once and get it out of the way.

Today we also did our secret Santa gifts within my block, it must be soo easy to have a disney freak as your person to buy for lol.  Bless Sen she brought me a Winnie the Pooh notebook in which I can make into a scrap book of my journey so they can all read it when I come back - bit like my blog but also with stuff stuck in it, I am going to have soo much fun with this!

So that is it for today, have a magical day!

Ashleigh xxx

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